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The best commercial electrical services in Westchester, NYC, New Jersey Y CT.

Electrical System Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keep any type of electrical power unit or system operating at peak efficiency, while reducing the risk of a failure that could lead to costly repair or replacement. Keep your systems running at peak efficiency with preventive and timely maintenance.

  • The best  electrical maintenance services in Westchester, NYC, New Jersey Y CT.

In addition, we offer a diverse range of commercial electrical services to companies of all sizes in virtually any industry. You can count on us for everything from industrial wiring and commercial electrical metering service to switchgear installation upgrades, intercom system wiring, fire alarm installation, industrial emergency lighting and much more.

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We understand that an electrical issue can disrupt your normal operations and even pose a safety hazard for your employees and customers. Our goal is remedy the problem as quickly as possible to keep any unproductive downtime to a minimum.

Routine electrical maintenance can also troubleshoot and rectify potential safety issues.

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Other Services

Predictive And Proactive Care

We are experts in the predictive and proactive maintenance modes, each of which offers its own unique benefits.

We can recommend the best maintenance process for your needs, which often includes a balanced combination of these two methodologies.

Energized Service And Inspection

Whether it’s due to configuration or loading issues, many electrical systems can only be analyzed while they’re energized, which means they must be connected to an electrical source. Our technicians have the skill, training and specialized equipment required to perform energized service and inspection work in a safe manner, while also ensuring that the job is done with the necessary thoroughness and accuracy.

De-Energized Service And Inspection

De-energized service and inspections take place when the unit or system has been disconnected from the power source.
De-energizing involves much more than simply shutting the system down, Proper de-energizing entails meeting all hazardous energy control requirements, along with the complete grounding of the system.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

We offer top-notch service at an affordable price point, and we’re committed to safety and excellence in everything we do.

To help keep our community safe from electrical hazards, we offer arc flash hazard analysis services.

Partial Discharge Testing

As an experienced electrical contractor, we specialize in providing our customers with electrical repair, testing and monitoring services to help keep employees safe from electrical hazards and protect electrical distribution systems from damage and shutdowns due to insulation system failures.

Power Quality Analysis

we provide specialty electrical repair, testing and monitoring services to facilities in the area.

Among our most requested electrical services for plants and businesses is power quality analysis.

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